XP.network ($XPNET) — The Project that tears down the walls between blockchains

3 min readSep 11, 2021

XP.network ($XPNET) is the first out-of-the-box multichain support for minted NFTs.

IDO Date: Tuesday September 14th

Staking Eligibility Cutoff: Tuesday September 14th, 5 AM UTC

Public Sale Token Price: $0.020 USD

Allocation Round Open: Tuesday, September 14th, 8 AM UTC

Public Sale (FCFS) Round Open: Tuesday, September 14th, 1 PM UTC

Pancakeswap Listing Time: Tuesday, September 14th 16:15 PM UTC

Maximum Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 XPNET

#BSCPad Public Sale: 25,000,000 XPNET

Circulating Supply at Listing: 112,500,000 XPNET

Market Capitalization at Listing: $2,250,000 USD

Public Sale Vesting Schedule: 100% unlocked

About XP Network

XP.network is the first Out-of-the-box multichain support for minted NFTs: connect to XP.network bridge to move NFTs and funds seamlessly across 10+ blockchains. Imagine you can buy and sell NFTs on OpenSea or trade on Uniswap using your Elrond/Heco/Avalanche wallet without limitation.

Our Codeless Editor showcases the power of XP.network’s blockchain-agnostic tech. Many chains support NFTs, but which one is best for your project? With the Editor, you can try them all. Built a dApp without code, then deploy to any chain in minutes.

What problems does it solve?

Lack of unification in minted NFTs for example — Buy and sell NFTs on OpenSea or trade on Uniswap using your Elrond/Heco/Avalanche wallet

How XP.network Fits in the Current Ecosystem?

XP.network is the first blockchain-agnostic NFT ecosystem. It enables multichain support out of the box for any minted NFT, dApp or use case, allowing NFTs and funds to flow freely between networks and wallets.


Token Utility

  1. PoS validation: Become a validator on XP.network’s parachain to confirm transactions and help the network run. In return, you’ll earn a share of the transaction fees. Even better, attract nominators to increase your stake and earn even more.
  2. Staking: Stake XPNET on a validator you trust and get regular rewards. This is the easiest and safest way to profit from holding XP.network tokens. No technical experience needed.
  3. Transactions: Every transaction is meticulously inspected by a pool of independent decentralized validators. Both internal and the bridge relay validators are awarded for their benevolent work. The transaction fee is paid by the account holders submitting the transactions.
  4. Cross-chain value transfer: Thanks to numerous cross-chain bridges XP.network is developing, token holders will be able to seamlessly transfer their assets to and from the bridged blockchains. The bridges are designed to be decentralized. A pool of independent relay validators ensures the integrity of assets between the blockchains so that nothing is lost or duplicated.
  5. Governance: XP.network will gradually introduce a decentralized governance mechanism and allow XPNET holders to decide how the network should develop. An elected council will introduce proposals, and the community will vote on them.


2020 Q4

  • XP.network is born
  • Macroscopic system architecture
  • Architecture of Smart Contract Editor
  • Architecture of Polkadot Parathread for Die

2021 Q1

  • White Paper
  • Architecture of Move-VM Compiler
  • Architecture of Compliance Validator
  • Private sale preparations

2021 Q2

  • Application Editor Architecture
  • XP.network RPC Protocol
  • First Substrate Bridge with Elrond

2021 Q3

  • XP.network Testnet as a Polkadot Parachain
  • Substrate Bridge with Ethereum
  • Substrate Multi Chain Bridge
  • Multi Token XP.network Wallet
  • XP.network Explorer

2021 Q4

  • Move-VM Pallet Integration
  • Move NFT Author Royalties Standards
  • Move NFT DApp Generator
  • NFT Marketplace in Move
  • Alpha Version of Application Editor


❑ Website: https://xp.network/

❑ Telegram: https://t.me/xp_network

❑ Twitter: https://twitter.com/xpnetwork_

❑ Medium: https://blog.xp.network/

Please note, in order to participate in the IDO you must follow the BSCPad KYC GUIDE.

Thanks for being part of the community. We have some exciting news to be sharing with you all — so stay tuned!!!

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