TronPad (#TRONPAD) — The Official Launchpad of the TRON Blockchain

BSCPad IDO Date:

Friday June 4th

A bridge to the TRON blockchain will open in the first half of June. After the bridge opens, #TRONPAD will exist in both BEP-20 and TRC-20 forms, while maintaining the same maximum supply shown in this article.

Key Dates and Times:

Friday June 4th, 5 AM UTC — staking eligibility deadline

Friday June 4th, 8 AM UTC — guaranteed allocation round (for ALL tiers)

Friday June 4th, 1 PM UTC — FCFS round (for ALL tiers)

Friday June 4th, 4 PM UTC — PancakeSwap listing

Public Sale Token Price:

$0.0015 BUSD

Maximum Token Supply:

1,000,000,000 $TRONPAD

Tokens Available in BSCPAD Public Sale:

180,000,000 $TRONPAD

Circulating Supply at Listing:

79,500,000 $TRONPAD

Market Capitalization at Listing:

$119,250 USD

Public Sale Vesting Schedule:

25% at TGE, then 25% per month for 3 months

TronPad — The fastest growing blockchain meets the most successful BSC launchpad!

TRON’s proven track record, market presence, and rapid growth

BSCPad’s proven experience generating Social Media traffic and conducting IDOs

TronPad Tiers and Lottery Mechanics:

Project tokens for sale in TronPad IDOs will be split into the following pools:

5% for public white list lotteries (open to anyone who completes tasks, no tokens required)

10% for lottery Tiers (lower tier)

85% for guaranteed allocation Tiers (higher tiers)

Lottery Tiers:

EARTH… 15,000 TRONPAD Staked — 1 lottery ticket

Guaranteed Allocation Tiers:

MOON…. 50,000 TRONPAD Staked — pool weight 10

MARS…. 200,000 TRONPAD Staked — (no maximum number of holders) — pool weight 45

SUN…. 500,000 TRONPAD Staked — (no maximum number of holders) — pool weight 70+Private allocations

TronPad Token Utility and Breakdown:

Staking the $TRONPAD token will be the only way to gain access to Lottery and/or Guaranteed allocation rounds for the IDOs on TronPad.

TronPad Socials:




▪️Telegram ANN:


BSCPad Socials:





Important details about participation on BSCPad:

BSCPad uses a tiered model that requires users to stake at least 1000 $BSCPAD tokens to participate. For full details, review the landing page of our website at

Users must complete KYC verification before participating on BSCPad. For full details on completing this process, read our explainer article linked below. We have also included a list of restricted regions for easy reference.

Restricted Region List: Botswana, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Republic of Seychelles, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Sudan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Venezuela, Yemen, and the United States of America (herein “Prohibited Jurisdictions”)

Bronze and Silver tier members must complete additional social media engagement tasks in order to be whitelisted for each IDO. The requirements for this specific IDO are listed below:

Whitelist Requirements for Bronze and Silver Members:

1. Join the #TRONPAD Telegram:

2. Follow #TRONPAD on Twitter:

3. Follow #BSCPAD on Twitter:

4. Put out a tweet (originating directly from your account) containing the #BSCPAD & #TRONPAD hashtags and share the link in the whitelist.

5. Follow the steps inside the white list form:



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