TradeStars ($TSX) — A Fantasy Sports stock trading platform

5 min readApr 28, 2021


Launch Date:

Tuesday May 4th

Staking Eligibility Cutoff:

Tuesday May 4th, 5 AM UTC

Allocation Round Open:

Tuesday May 4th, 8 AM UTC

Public Sale (FCFS) Round Open:

Tuesday May 4th, 1 PM UTC

Pancakeswap Listing Date/Time:

Tuesday May 4th, Time TBA

Public Sale Token Price:

$0.16 BUSD

Maximum Token Supply:

100,000,000 $TSX

Tokens Available in BSCPAD Public Sale:

750,000 $TSX

Circulating Supply at Listing:

8,025,000 $TSX

Market Capitalization at Listing:

$1,284,000 USD

Public Sale Vesting Schedule:

No vesting, fully unlocked at TGE

About TradeStars

TradeStars is a Fantasy Stocks trading platform powered by blockchain technology. Users can trade digital assets that represent real-life events and statistics. It’s a decentralized social gaming experience in which people can express their passion for sports, compete against each other, and show “How much your sports knowledge is worth”.

What problems does it solve?

The key feature that distinguishes TradeStars from competitors like DraftKings or Dream11 is the permissionless nature of blockchain. When someone wishes to use a centralized fantasy sports site they have no choice but to make an account, share personal information and route payments through traditional finance. With TradeStars, a users ‘account’ is their blockchain wallet and private key, and they can fund their account instantly using a variety of cryptocurrencies. In addition, the list of available leagues and players can be continuously expanded by the TradeStars community. Instead of relying on a third party to dictate what users can bet on, users will be able to decide for themselves.

Feature List

1. Automated Market Making (AMM)

TradeStars represents player ‘stocks’ as fractionalized NFTs. These fractionalized NFTs are then exchanged on the platform. TradeStars is the Uniswap for Fantasy Stocks. An AMM algorithm ensures seamless price discovery, creating liquid markets for fantasy stocks.

2. Fast and Cost Efficient Transactions (“Instant and Gasless?”)

By using Binance Smart Chain as well as leveraging Polygon as a Layer-2 solution for Ethereum, the TradeStars platform will empower users with low transaction costs and fast confirmation times. This will make the TradeStars experience feel more like a traditional fantasy gaming site with the added advantages of blockchain.

3. Liquidity Mining and Staking

The $TSX token will be used to reward users who provide liquidity for fractional NFTs, ensuring liquidity and a wide variety of tradable markets.

4. On Chain Governance

The $TSX token will also function as a governance token, allowing its holders to propose, debate and vote on additions and changes to the features offered on the platform. By giving the decision making power to those with a stake in the token, TradeStars ensures that the interests of the team and its users are in alignment.

5. Frictionless Settlement

Due to the use of blockchain and natively digital assets, users never have to worry about settlement waiting periods and other delays. With centralized gaming sites, processing times of several business days are commonplace. With TradeStars, users have the peace of mind of knowing that they can cash in at any time.


Ticker: $TSX

Maximum Supply: 100,000,000 $TSX

Token Utilities

Liquidity Mining

Users who provide liquidity for fraction NFT markets will be rewarded in $TSX tokens, ensuring liquidity and market variety

Staking Rewards

Users who stake their $TSX tokens on the platform will be given access to exclusive competitions and advanced features

User Incentivization

‘Participation mining’ incentivizes adoption and helps to build a thriving TradeStars community during the early stages of the platform

On-Chain Governance

$TSX holders will be called upon to propose and vote on changes to the rules that govern the platform as well as the addition of new markets and features


Core Team

Christian Hentschel —

Gaston Maluendez Krause —






Important details about participation on BSCPad:

BSCPad uses a tiered model that requires users to stake at least 1000 $BSCPAD tokens to participate. For full details, review the landing page of our website at

Users must complete KYC verification before participating on BSCPad. For full details on completing this process, read our explainer article linked below. We have also included a list of restricted regions for easy reference.

Restricted Region List: Botswana, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Republic of Seychelles, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Sudan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Venezuela, Yemen, and the United States of America (herein “Prohibited Jurisdictions”)

Bronze and Silver tier members must complete additional social media engagement tasks in order to be whitelisted for each IDO. The requirements for this specific IDO are listed below:

Whitelist Requirements for Bronze and Silver Members:

1. Join the #TRADESTARS Telegram:

2. Follow #PROJECT on Twitter:

3. Follow #BSCPAD on Twitter:

4. Put out a tweet (originating directly from your account) containing the #BSCPAD & #TRADESTARS hashtags and share the link in the whitelist.

5. Follow the steps inside the white list form:

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