The Operons Have Arrived! Meet Them In The Heat of Battle!

Set 10,000 years in the future when the operons in human DNA have evolved to create genetically superior beings, Operon Origins is an intense fight for power and profit through a compelling story mode and epic boss battles.

It is a unique, card-based NFT combat game with an epic art style and astonishing visuals that pushes the boundaries of competitive play-to-earn GameFi.

IGO Date: Thursday, December 2nd

Staking Eligibility Cutoff: Thursday, December 2nd, 5 AM UTC

Public Sale Token Price: $0.10

Allocation Round Opens: Thursday, December 2nd, 8 AM UTC

PancakeSwap listing: Thursday, December 2nd, 3 PM UTC

Maximum Token Supply: 100,000,000

Public Sale: Thursday, December 2nd

Circulating Supply at Listing: 1,320,000

Market Capitalization at Listing: $132,000

Public Sale Vesting Schedule: 33.33 % at TGE, 33.33% each month

About Operon Origins:

Operons are subsets of human DNA, thus Operon Origins is an origins story that takes place many millennia in the future featuring superhuman NFT characters who have evolved into genetically superior beings.

The story is a purely original concept with artwork drawn from scratch, and the game is an opportunity for players from all genres to experience a different world through the innovative features of the game modes and different affinities of the NFT character cards.

Operon Origins has identified the hunger for visually astounding NFT games and thus presents an opportunity for gamers to play for profit and own their digital collectibles, giving them the freedom to hold, sell and transfer their NFTs any time they wish.

What problems does Operon Origins solve?

There is dire need for visually ecstatic games running on the blockchain and that was the whole inspiration behind Operon Origins, to build a highly addictive game that would also incentivise players with a P2E model along with giving them a chance to own their favourite characters as NFTs.

How does Operon Origins fit in the current ecosystem?

Operon Origins is a visually astounding NFT combat card game that has a play-to-earn model for our gamer community, with metaverse integrations already planned with games such as PolyGod. All other card games are basically PvP whereas Operon Origins has story mode and boss battles, so there is currently nothing similar to Operon Origins out there.


Token Utility

Operon Origins has two main tokens: $ORO and zORO

For the initially introduced high-art character NFTs, $ORO tokens will be used to purchase in the game’s marketplace. $ORO can also be staked to earn more $ORO, or to earn the gameplay token zORO.


Operon Origins Official Socials

Website | Telegram | News | Twitter | Medium

Please note: in order to participate in the IDO, users are required to follow the corresponding KYC guides below.





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