Strategic Partnership Announcement: BSCPad x upLink

2 min readJul 29, 2022

BSCPad is proud to announce a strategic partnership with upLink. This innovative and collaborative partnership will enable new crypto adoption.

Through this partnership, BSCPad democratizes access to early-stage project launches for both new and experienced crypto users, thus lowering the barrier to entry in the space of project launches. This initiative streamlines asset purchases to enable anyone to become part of the crypto ecosystem.

Eric Gonzalez, upLink Chief Executive Officer, says:

“The upLink team is excited to partner with BSCPad to extend access to vetted, promising crypto startups. It’s especially hard for new adopters to join and support high quality new introductions, and we’re thrilled to partner with BCSPad to establish the gold standard for engagement and crypto asset purchases.”

BSCPad is the first launchpad to help bridge the gap between regular and crypto investors, thus creating a new form of crypto adoption. The seniors at BSCPad are excited to bring this opportunity to its active and supportive community.

“BSCPad is excited to announce the partnership with upLink to help increase crypto adoption, making it more transparent and accessible for everyone to take part in early-stage project opportunities. BSCPad will continue to form new alliances and improve our system to ensure the best for our community. ”

About upLink

Uplink‘s mission is to connect new and experienced crypto adopters in an easy, fast, and secure manner. Founded in 2021, upLink is led by experienced entrepreneurs who’ve held key roles at Nvidia, Oracle, Gree, and Planview, with a combined three decades of experience in digital assets research and development, payments systems, scalable platform deployment, and acquisitions at companies such as Paypal.

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About BSCPad

BSCPad is the earliest endeavor brought to the crypto community by BlueZilla — the venture capital behind many successful projects such as BSCPad, GameZone, and MoveZ, to name a few. As one of the first launchpads on the Binance Smart Chain, BSCPad helped democratize access to early-stage projects and contributed to the vast network expansion. To this day, BSCPad’s accessible tier system distinguishes it as one of the most successful launchpads in the space, where users can become early supporters of highly vetted projects with the potential to become the next disruptors in this fast-paced industry.

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