Roseon ($ROSN) — A mobile-first DeFi and NFT asset management platform

Launch Date:

Monday May 10th

Staking Eligibility Cutoff:

Monday May 10th, 5 AM UTC

Allocation Round Open:

Monday May 10th, 8 AM UTC

Public Sale (FCFS) Round Open:

Monday May 10th, 12:45 PM UTC

Pancakeswap Listing Date/Time:

Monday May 10th, 5 PM UTC

Public Sale Token Price:

$0.15 BUSD

Maximum Token Supply:

100,000,000 $ROSN

Tokens Available in BSCPAD Public Sale:

600,000 $ROSN

Circulating Supply at Listing:

5,178,334 $ROSN

Market Capitalization at Listing:

$776,750 USD

Public Sale Vesting Schedule:

Fully unlocked at TGE

About Roseon:

Roseon Finance is a hybrid platform that brings decentralized (DeFi) and centralized financial services (CeFi) into a mobile interface. Currently available for IOS and Android, Roseon Mobile is a crypto finance app built to help onboard new users to DeFi with its customer-centric design.

What problems does it address?


The Decentralized Finance (DeFi) landscape is heavily fragmented. Users are trading, lending, borrowing, staking and farming across multiple blockchains. This fragmentation makes it challenging to manage, organize and optimize everything.


Many crypto assets and farms are secured by smart contracts that have been hastily coded and not tested for vulnerabilities and edge cases. Developers often prioritize speed and innovation over risks and security, creating an unpleasant experience and unsafe environment for the average user.

Feature List

Hybrid Design (CeDeFi)

By combining centralized services provided by Roseon Mobile and decentralized protocol interactions through Roseon Defi, the platform can offer users ‘the best of both worlds’ and a maximized feature set.

‘Smart Savings’ Funds

Low risk funds that utilize algorithms to generate steady returns via CEX lending networks.

Onboard CEX/DEX Swaps with Liquidity Aggregation

Roseon Swaps will search across CEXs and DEXs to seek the highest liquidity with the lowest fees and present the best available options for the user to select to swap their tokens.

Yield Farming Made Simple

Roseon’s algorithmic farming system keeps you safe. Don’t risk your funds by staking them in the wrong farm, or sending them to the wrong wallet address. Let us manage those risks — just set it and forget it!

NFT Gallery

With Roseon’s NFT gallery, you can store and view your rare digital arts and collectibles and sell them at favorable prices at Open Sea or Rarible.

Portfolio Manager

Roseon Finance’s Portfolio Manager software allows you to create, monitor and rebalance your crypto portfolio.


Token Utility

Access to Platform Features

While the basic Roseon platform will be available to all, holding and/or spending ROSN tokens will grant access to promotional offers and features beyond the basic feature set.

Fee Discounts

By opting to pay platform fees in ROSN, users will receive discounts. By holding enough tokens, users can avoid fees altogether or even earn rebates.

Tiered Rewards

By holding enough tokens to achieve different status tiers, users can earn farming bonuses, receive special NFT airdrops, gain early access to new features, and more.


Core Team

Allan Ta —

Trang Tran —

Pedro Torres —

Linh Nguyen —

Thao Le —

Anh Nguyen —

Lester Lim —

Cameron Warden —

Long Vuong —





Important details about participation on BSCPad:

BSCPad uses a tiered model that requires users to stake at least 1000 $BSCPAD tokens to participate. For full details, review the landing page of our website at

Users must complete KYC verification before participating on BSCPad. For full details on completing this process, read our explainer article linked below. We have also included a list of restricted regions for easy reference.

Restricted Region List: Botswana, Cambodia, Central African Republic, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Republic of Seychelles, Ethiopia, Ghana, Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, South Sudan, Sri Lanka, Syria, Sudan, Thailand, Trinidad and Tobago, Tunisia, Venezuela, Yemen, and the United States of America (herein “Prohibited Jurisdictions”)

Bronze and Silver tier members must complete additional social media engagement tasks in order to be whitelisted for each IDO. The requirements for this specific IDO are listed below:

Whitelist Requirements for Bronze and Silver Members:

1. Join the #ROSEON Telegram:

2. Follow #ROSEON on Twitter:

3. Follow #BSCPAD on Twitter:

4. Put out a tweet (originating directly from your account) containing the #BSCPAD & #PROJECThashtags and share the link in the whitelist.

5. Follow the steps inside the white list form:

Stay connected to our official outlets for the latest on all of our launchpad offerings!