Outer Ring ($GQ) an MMORPG game is about to hit the market

4 min readMar 1, 2022

Outer Ring is an MMORPG (Massive Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game). Freely explore a new sci-fi metaverse supported by a Player-Driven Economy and its Play-to-Earn system to stimulate real in-game and off-game economy.

IDO Date: Thursday March 3rd

Staking Eligibility Cutoff: Thursday March 3rd, 5 AM UTC

Public Sale Token Price: $0.004 USD

Allocation Round Opens: Thursday March 3rd, 8 AM UTC

  • #BSCPAD FCFS Round: Thursday March 3rd, 1 PM UTC
  • #GameZoneD FCFS Round: Thursday March 3rd, 1.10 PM UTC
  • #MetaVPad FCFS Round: Thursday March 3rd, 1.20 PM UTC

PancakeSwap Launch: Thursday March 3rd, 3 PM UTC

Maximum Token Supply: 10,000,000,000 $GQ

Public Sale: Thursday March 3rd

  • #BSCPad: 50,000,000 $GQ
  • #GameZone: 56,250,000 $GQ
  • #MetaVPad: 50,000,000 $GQ

Circulating Supply at Listing: 210,000,000 $GQ

Market Capitalization at Listing: $1.08M USD

Public Sale Vesting Schedule: 10% TGE with monthly linear vesting for 10 months.

About Outer Ring:

Outer Ring is an MMORPG game. This means that you can interact with a huge amount of players in a free-to-play open world. This metaverse has a sci-fi lore and it allows all users to socialize, play, create and work inside it.

We started to develop the game 3 years ago and decided that it should be tokenized completely. This means that almost every asset in the game is a NFT and that the whole economy of the game is transferable to the real world thanks to the use of its own native tokens.

What problems does Outer Ring solve?

Outer Ring is designed in a way that allows every player in the world to participate in it. It doesn’t have entry barriers, you can start playing and earning without investing.

Also, it is developed in a way that it can be run by almost every computer.

Another similarity that we share with the tradicional gaming industry is that MMO has an extensive lore that makes it highly scalable over the time. We can constantly update our universe in order to provide different experiences to players.

How Does Outer Ring Fit in the Current Ecosystem?

Outer Ring makes a mix of systems inherited from the ‘old school’ and more current and diverse concepts, such as the real economy based on blockchain and NFT’s. Using the in-game economy for the first time, diversifying the target audience as much as possible.

Outer Ring MMO is a game that is self-financed, self-sustainable, powered by cryptocurrency, and fully operational as a standalone ecosystem under the Play to Earn and Player Driven Economy systems.

In comparison with other Play to Earn games, we have not released any NFT or token until we have a playable game. Most projects in the industry are looking for investment and the creation of a game, we already have a high-quality game without the need of selling promises.


  • Angel [3%]: This token supply is reserved for Equity Investors. This provides early investors a cushion and a chance to help derisk their early investment by providing approx 20% of the investment value back in token value at the specified launch price.
  • Seed [10%]: This round will be reserved for top Diamond Partners to onboard their community generals.
  • Private Sale [20%]: This round is reserved for higher tier VCs who have a proven track record for supporting the project and carrying their weight.
  • IDO [4%]: This round is reserved specifically for top tier metaverse and gaming launchpads
  • Liquidity [10%]: 10% liquidity reserve is quite high depending on team’s discretion. This could be lowered and reallocated to another pool perhaps more into staking / in-game rewards.
  • Treasury [20%]: These tokens are reserved for the project’s growth and development in the future phases of the ecosystem. They can be used for bounty or marketing programs, incentives to grow the game.
  • Staking / In-Game Rewards [26%]: Extremely important pool served for liquidity providers and contributors of the Outer Ring Ecosystem
  • Advisors [5%]: Token reserved for all the advisors, for the advisory services and ongoing support
  • Team [2%]: Token reward incentives for core team development, bonuses, and expansions

Token Utility

The game economy is real, operating with its own economic system and its own laws, that are influenced by the players themselves. Players hold Exocredits (EXO), the official in-game currency, a token that interfaces between the game and the world of cryptocurrencies, and Galactic Quadrants (GQ) the governance token and second official in-game currency; giving the ability to interface with all major cryptocurrencies. The way to acquire both tokens is diverse, ranging from trading items, Crafting (or creating) items and then selling them, or completing in-game objectives and quests.


Outer Ring Official Socials

To follow with the progress of the project and hear the latest updates, we encourage you to check out the official channels:

Website | Twitter |Telegram |YouTube | Discord

Please note: in order to be eligible for participation in the IDO, you must follow the KYC guide for each of the corresponding launchpads.