LEXIT ($LEXi) — An NFT & DeFi platform that allows anyone to tokenize Arts & Inventions

Article by LEXIT CEO Amir Kaltak:

Good morning LEXIT,

With the entire cryptocurrency market more volatile than usual, and daily dips as large as 10–20%, LEXIT has made the decision to postpone the IDO launch for around one week (7 days, with new target date of Wednesday 26 May 2021 but we may launch sooner if the market warrants).

This follows dozens of messages from our fantastic supporters asking for a small delay to better gauge market sentiment, while also allowing LEXIT to continue extensive marketing, including AMAs, advertising, and more.

We’re never too proud to listen and respond to our community, and it’s clear that this is the call most people wanted, at least until we all see exactly what is up with the market, where it’s heading, and that immediate early volatility irons out a little bit.

This decision has been reached jointly with LEXIT and BSCPad after polite requests from both of our communities, and out of abundance of caution to best protect our supporters in these moments of volatility. We recognise that market movements like this often overshadow project launches, and the LEXIT community (and the project as a whole!) deserves as much spotlight as possible. Because what we have with LEXIT is truly special — a once in a generation launch.

The provisional new launch date for LEXIT’s BSCPad IDO launch launch will be Wednesday 26 May 2021, this day next week though we’re able to launch sooner should the market warrant it, and we hope that seven days is plenty to gauge the market’s movements and what the immediate future looks like.

As above, LEXIT is and never will be too proud or too stubborn to listen to our community and our community’s needs/ wants, so we’re proud to respond swiftly and extend this launch slightly.

More marketing, more development, more work behind the scenes — we’ll make this extension the most action-packed time for LEXIT ever!

Thank you for supporting us — let’s smash this together.

If you have any questions or suggestions, you can always reach out to me directly as LEXIT’s CEO on Telegram at @Amir_LEX or post a message in our official LEXIT Telegram group:

With excitement for our future together,

Amir Kaltak, LEXIT CEO