HappyFans ($HAPPY) — The social platform for content creators is coming

HappyFans is the first social platform based on blockchain, with fast transactions and very low fees that allows unlockable contents, anonymous login, tips/donations and NFT marketplace for the content creator market.

IDO Date: Wednesday, October 13th

Staking Eligibility Cutoff: Wednesday, October 13th, 5 AM UTC

Public Sale Token Price: $0.000065

Allocation Round Opens: Wednesday, October 13th, 8 AM UTC

  • #BSCPAD FCFS Round: Wednesday, October 13th, 1 PM UTC
  • #ETHPAD FCFS Round: Wednesday, October 13th, 1.10 PM UTC
  • #KCCPAD FCFS Round: Wednesday, October 13th, 1.20 PM UTC

Pancakeswap/Uniswap listing:

  • Pancakeswap Launch: Wednesday, October 13th, 3 PM UTC
  • Uniswap Launch: Wednesday, October 13th, 4 PM UTC

Maximum Token Supply: 100,000,000,000

Public Sale: Wednesday, October 13th

  • #BSCPad: 3,846,153,846 $HAPPY
  • #ETHPad: 3,076,923,077 $HAPPY
  • #KCCPad: 3,076,923,077 $HAPPY

Circulating Supply at Listing: 8,000,000,000 $HAPPY

Market Capitalization at Listing: $286,000

About HappyFans

HappyFans is the first decentralized social platform based on blockchain, with fast transactions and very low fees that allows unlockable contents, anonymous login, tips/donations and NFT marketplace for the content creator market.

What problems does HappyFans solve?

With the spread of broadband and social networks on a global scale, the market that has emerged has polarized its interest in developing new business models that could respond to the new demands of the players involved.

These business models provide commissions for content creator users, financially supported by their followers who are encouraged to make donations and paid subscriptions.

These types of models have been implemented and adopted by industry giants, such as YouTube or Twitch, in which content creators generate their profits through their notoriety on the platform, the economic support of their community, or through ads.

One of the main problems of these business models is certainly related to payments. Recently, for example, we have witnessed the decision of two of the largest giants — in terms of online payments (Visa and MasterCard) — to no longer support some of the largest adult channels and sites in the world, creating an irremediable rift in terms of trust in the world of content creators in the sector. This phenomenon has triggered a domino effect, developing a series of problems that have emerged in the short term — typical of any phenomenon that blows up in a short time — such as, for example:

  • Entering credit card information
  • Problematic commissions with payment systems
  • Problems for content creators with point commissions
  • Donations from fans delayed over time with obvious problems of cash flow

How HappyFans Fits in the Current Ecosystem?

HappyFans will provide the following features:

  • Instant compensation for content creators (eliminating cash flow issues)
  • Possibility to create NFTs for exclusive videos and photos and to implement auction systems for their sale
  • Possibility of login via NFT, completely anonymous
  • Tip and donations
  • Unlockable content with certain donations
  • Season tickets and VIP areas
  • Quick and easy access to content monetization

The use of cryptocurrency and blockchain allows for greater privacy and eliminates already-existing payment problems in the portals for both content creators and users.

The platform, through an intuitive and user-friendly layout, primarily identifies two figures:

CONTENT CREATOR: those who want to monetize through the platform via (for example) auction or direct sale of unique NFTs, through the creation of exclusive subscription content for their followers and through direct donations from them.

There is also the possibility of creating private paid channels and unlocking exclusive content only when certain objectives are achieved. Finally, there is the possibility of putting one’s own content up for auction.

USERS: those who want to have the opportunity to buy unique collectible NFTs from their favorite artist or influencer and be able to forge a closer relationship with them, thanks to VIP channels and exclusive content.


Pls note: there will be a private deal allocation for the #Happyfans IDO for

  • #BSCPad: Blue diamond (stake minimum 75000 BSCPad tokens)
  • #ETHPad: Diamond (stake minimum 500,000 ETHPad tokens)

The exact allocation amounts will be announced on our social channels!

Token Utility

The official token name is HAPPY, a deflationary token.

To avoid fluctuations in token values at the time of launch, capping will be pinpointed in the various channels, in order to prevent big players from speculating on the launch.

The team’s liquidity will be blocked and announced at the time of launch.

At the time the tokens’ release, a total of 100 billion tokens will be created distributed as per description.

HappyFans pays out 85% to the creator, 15% remains on the platform in the form of a fee, about this 15%:

2.5% redistributed to holders, according to how much they hold

2.5% burned to reduce the total supply to 100 million

10% to the company


Q4–2021 — Building Cryptofan Token Smart Contract $HAPPY

Q4–2021 — HappyFans Platform Alpha Development

Q1–2022 — Native Integration of Token Wallets into Platform Payments Layer

Q2–2022 — Integration between Platform and Smart Contract Functions

Q2–2022 — HappyFans Platform Beta Development

Q3–2022 — NFT Features (marketplace, login, etc.)

Q3–2022 — Implement additional use cases and sales program for content creator

Q3–2022 — Increase platform economy with specific and personalized campaigns


▪️Website: https://happyfans.club/

▪️Telegram: http://t.me/happyfanstoken

▪️Telegram Ann: https://t.me/HappyFansAnn

▪️Twitter: https://twitter.com/HappyFansToken

▪️ Medium: https://medium.com/@happyfans

To learn more about how to whitelist for the IDO on the available launchpads, please, follow the steps outlined in the corresponding guides below.








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