Glimpse ($GLMS)- the NFT marketplace for content creators is here!

Glimpse — A revolutionary system for influencers and celebrities to monetize short videos, and for fans to own exclusive tokenized content.

IDO Date: Monday September 6th

Staking Eligibility Cutoff: Monday September 6th, 5am UTC

Public Sale Token Price: $0.025 BUSD

Allocation Round Open: Monday September 6th, 8am UTC

#BSCPAD Public Sale (FCFS) Round Open: Monday September 6th, 1pm UTC

PancakeSwap: Monday September 6th, 3pm UTC

Maximum Token Supply: 360,000,000 GLMS

Public Sale: 7,200,000 GLMS ($180k USD)

Circulating Supply at Listing: 23,760,000 GLMS

Market Capitalization at Listing: $594,000 USD

Public Sale Vesting Schedule: 30% unlocked, 6 week vesting w/ equal weekly release


Glimpse (#GLMS) is a decentralized social media platform that enables content creators and influencers to connect and engage with their fan base using NFT’s.

While many projects focus on digital artwork, Glimpse provides influencers and celebrities a new option to monetize the photos and videos they are currently sharing for free on traditional platforms by combining the excitement of NFT’s with the enjoyment of social networking. In short, Glimpse allows users to upload short videos of their life, tokenize them in the form of an NFT, and list it on their profile or marketplace.

The platform is built on Binance Smart Chain, drastically lowering transaction costs and settlement times for the purchases, sales, and trades of NFT’s on Glimpse. Glimpse was officially launched in May 2021 and is backed by a global syndicate of Venture Capital firms who support our mission to give power back to content creators.

Glimpse combines the excitement of NFTs with the fun of social networking to provide a new way for influencers and celebrities to monetize their content, and for fans to own original Glimpses of their social feeds. Glimpse gives creators of social content a fair share of the value of what they produce. Unlike other types of social media platforms, which provide either no income or indirect and non-transparent income, Glimpse allows users to monetize every piece of content they provide instead of relying on advertisers and other sources of income that may or may not come over time.

The advantage of Glimpse is that celebrities and influencers don’t need to do anything new. They are already creating videos and photographs of their lives, promoting their art and work on social media, etc. The difference is that now with Glimpse, the creators can easily wrap the content as an NFT, place it on a marketplace and get the real value of that content. For the fans, they get access to collectible and exclusive content that they can truly own.

Problems Glimpse Solves?

Imagine having tens of thousands of followers — but no income. That’s not a small number of followers for an individual, yet in today’s media landscape, people can glean a fairly large fan base and still be too small to earn income by creating content. The market dynamics of advertising models on social media is heavily stacked against people creating valuable content. Instagram, YouTube, TikTok and other social media platforms give very little value back to creators with fewer than a million followers — yet these small influencers create the bulk of the content on the platforms. This disconnect leaves a value gap where content creators feel they are being exploited. Millions of people are creating valuable content and billions of people are consuming that content, yet there is no direct connection between them. The data brokers and middlemen make sure that most of the value is siphoned off and the creators are left with little or nothing.

Content marketing has become an essential part of almost every profession with an online presence — which means that valuable content that once had a price tag is now being provided for free. Celebrities are constantly putting out videos, interviews, photographs and information. Businesses promote their brands with tons of beneficial free content and creative individuals spend countless hours curating prized entertainment in order to reach influencer status.

All of this content takes up valuable time — but content creators are only compensated indirectly, for example, if someone buys one of their paid services after consuming the free content, or through inequitable advertising promotions. Whether scrolling through social media feeds or checking the latest releases — people consume content because of the value it provides. With traditional social media, this value Is not fully captured by either the creator or the follower.

How Glimpse Fits in the Ecosystem?

Blockchain is providing opportunities for content creators through a variety of new business models, reduction in the need for middlemen, and in the ability to create new forms of value exchange and storage. New kinds of cryptocurrencies allow for rewards and incentives for different types of behavior on the platform. Smart contracts allow direct, transparent and immediate distribution of payments, royalties and service fees. NonFungible Tokens are able to create verifiable scarcity of any type of digital asset. The combination provides an opportunity for a new type of social media and content creation that establishes a direct connection between content creators and their audiences, as well as preservation of value and rewards for that content.

The rising NFT market is demonstrating that people will pay for unique content — if they can guarantee it is unique. In this environment, it’s possible to create on-chain content-based tokens that represent the unique value of content that creators are already making. Buyers of NFT content can rest assured that their item is unique or part of a limited issuance of the digital content. They can trade that content with others as a collectible. If the value of today’s free content is captured and brought back to the content producer, it can create a fair market where creatives, celebrities, influencers, and domain experts can make money directly from the value that they produce, regaining control of their livelihoods and their content.


Token Utility

The GLMS token is an essential part of the Glimpse ecosystem. Users have an opportunity to earn GLMS tokens simply by using the Glimpse platform for simple actions such as commenting, sharing, and liking content posted by others.

GLMS is a utility token that functions as the primary method of payment on the Glimpse platform. Additionally, GLMS is used to: receive discounts on in app purchases, staking for rewards and exclusive NFT drops, and as payment of any royalties a creator receives from the resale of ‘Glimpses’ they have created.







Please note, in order to participate in the IDO, you must follow the BSCPad KYC GUIDE.

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