Exclusive IDO of VaporWallet: Premiering on BSCPad, AiPad, and NFTLaunch

3 min readDec 14, 2023

Backed by VISA, VaporWallet is a cutting-edge digital financial platform designed to provide a robust hedge against inflation using stable-coins, featuring advanced encryption and user-friendly accessibility for those new to crypto.

IDO Date: Monday, December 18th

Staking Eligibility Cutoff: Monday, December 18th, 5 AM UTC

Public Sale Token Price: $0.015 USD

Allocation Round Opens: Monday, December 18th, 8 AM UTC

  • #BSCPAD FCFS Round: Monday, December 18th, 1 PM UTC
  • #NFTLaunch FCFS Round: Monday, December 18th, 1.10 PM UTC
  • #AIPAD FCFS Round: Monday, December 18th, 1.20 PM UTC

Listing: Wednesday, December 20th

  • Bybit, Gate and MEXC: December 20th at 10AM UTC
  • PancakeSwap Listing & Token Claim: December 20th at 10:05 AM UTC

Maximum Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 VPR

Public Sale: Monday, December 18th

  • #BSCPad: 9,333,333 VPR
  • #AIPad: 8,333,333 VPR
  • #NFTLaunch: 4,000,000 VPR

Circulating Supply at Listing: 27,100,000 VPR (excludes rewards & LP)

Market Capitalization at Listing: $406,500 USD (excludes liquidity)

Public Sale Vesting Schedule: 100% at TGE

About VaporWallet

VaporWallet as the first Web3 company in Asia under the VISA Accelerator Program 2023, we have an exciting collaboration with VISA by building a web3 wallet while providing a user-friendly experience, bridging the digital gap for newcomers!

What problems does VaporWallet solve?

  • The exclusive Web3 company in Asia with Visa’s backing.
  • Pioneering an intuitive solution to combat inflation while ensuring user-friendliness.
  • Streamlined processes with no need for intricate blockchain transactions. Experience a simplified and inflation-resistant financial future.

How does the project fit in the current ecosystem?

Seamlessly enter the world of digital assets with our user-friendly gateway, offering a zero-knowledge approach. Experience a straightforward and secure onboarding process, ensuring your privacy while delving into the exciting realm of digital assets. Simplify your journey into the future of finance with our easy-to-use web3 wallet.


Token Utility

The VPR token plays a multifaceted role in our ecosystem, incentivizing mutual fund and Stable Coin DERIVATIVE purchases. It boosts yield, engages users, and introduces staking tiers with increasing benefits, including fee rewards, discounts, and token-backed cash back incentives, fostering a comprehensive and rewarding user experience.

  1. Mutual Funds: incentivizes users to purchase our mutual funds and DERIVATIVE of Stable Coins. Boosts yield and adds an extra layer of profitability.
  2. Boosted Yield and User Immersion: enhances the yield offered by mutual funds, attracting users to invest. Fosters user immersion within the ecosystem.
  3. Staking Tiers with Increasing Benefits: users can stake VPR in different tiers, with higher tiers offering greater benefits. Benefits include fee prize pool reward, discounts, and access to exclusive features and investment products.
  4. Transaction Fee Discounts: VPR can be used to pay transaction fees within the ecosystem, providing discounts on various fees such as exchange fees, beyond mutual fund fees.
  5. Token-backed Cashback Incentives: provides users with cashback incentives in the form of tokens when they purchase mutual funds, introducing an extra layer of motivation through token rewards.



To find out more about the project and keep up with its latest developments, follow the official channels.

Website | X (Twitter) | Telegram | Discord

Please note: in order to be eligible for the IDO participation, you must follow the KYC guides below.