Dexsport — the future of decentralized betting

Dexsport is a decentralized betting platform, where users will be enabled to play with a shared pool of liquidity and receive winnings via blockchain. Dexsport includes sports betting, play to earn betting, prediction marketplace, P2P betting on exchange rates, and NFT art collecting.

IDO Date: Friday, November 12th

Staking Eligibility Cutoff: Friday, November 12th, 5 AM UTC

Public Sale Token Price: $0.0225

Allocation Round Opens: Friday, November 12th, 8 AM UTC

#BSCPAD FCFS Round: Friday, November 12th, 1 PM UTC

Pancakeswap listing: Thursday, November 18th, 10 AM UTC

Maximum Token Supply: 1,000,000,000 DESU

Public Sale: Friday, November 12th

#BSCPad: 10,222,222 DESU

Circulating Supply at Listing: 14,129,516 DESU

Market Capitalization at Listing: $ 317,914,10 USD

Public Sale Vesting Schedule: 25% at TGE, 1 month 0.8% claim daily for 3 months

About Dexsport

Dexsport is the first true decentralized betting platform. dApps, unlike their centralized counterparts, run on decentralized blockchain networks and are designed to function without the use of a third-party middleman. Instead, they use self-executing smart contracts that are hard-coded to automate platform functions. This dynamic has significant implications for the future of online betting, including improved user experience and verifiable fairness.

The gambling market, for decades, has been occupied by monopolists who have controlled the odds for various events. Because of this, many users cannot get their payout quickly even after winning. There are strict payout measures and unending identification procedures which can frustrate the average player. This creates a terrible user experience and an increasing entry barrier. Other problems include hacking and security breaches and theft of funds, lack of user keys, and intermittent and unexpected government bans. Dexsport is set to change all of that.


Token Utility


Q4 2021

Token Sale (Public)
Platform and Token Staking launch
Second community feedback poll (UI/UX)
Ambassador/Community Airdrop

Q1 2022

Play to earn betting implementation
New liquidity pools on stablecoins: DAI, USDC, USDT
Integration with Solana, Nervos, Avalanche
P2P betting on cryptocurrency rates

Q2 2022

Betting on play-to-earn games
Creating a decentralized affiliate program

Q3 2022

Prediction marketplace
NFT Marketplace
Exclusive NFT collections

To learn more about Dexsport, join via Telegram, Twitter and Medium.

Please note, in order to participate in the IDO, you must follow the BSCPad KYC GUIDE.

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