BSCView: The First IDO on BSCPAD

After many cups of coffee, cans of Red Bull, and celebratory glasses of red wine the BSCPAD team can relax after a vastly successful launch! Before we jump into the news of our first launchpad project let’s recap how the first 12 hours of our pancake swap launch went.

BSCPAD Launch Highlights:

  • Coingecko Listing Live —
  • Over 2,200 Holders
  • Successful Pancake Launch With Anti-Bot Measurements Implemented

While we couldn’t be happier with our launch progress we have only just begun. BSCPAD will quickly become the leader for launchpad and ecosystem development in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem. As stated before over 40 projects have approached us, and we are doing our due diligence to preserve the integrity of BSCPAD as the go-to launchpad for BSC projects.

We are excited to provide a quick introduction of a key piece of this puzzle, and the first project that will use our launchpad: BSCView!

Dex users know the importance of having a slick UI where they can chart, interact with, and track all of the action at the touch of a button. BSCView will provide the most advanced interface available for Binance Smart Chain and become the central hub for traders and investors.

About BSCView:

  • Full charting, pair explorer, and pool explorer features.
  • Responsive design for use on desktop, mobile, or tablet.
  • Pair Favorites for quick access to monitor your investments.
  • Custom Notifications and Alerts for price changes.

While BSCView as a standalone project will be extremely valuable and necessary to efficiently trade on the Binance Smart Chain network, BSCPAD and BSCView will also form a synergistic relationship that will enhance both projects.

The Synergistic Relationship Between BSCPAD & BSCView:

  • Launchpad projects will be given featured listings, creating mass awareness for all BSCView users.
  • Projects will be able to link users directly to their BSCView page from their telegram sticky posts

Subscription Model With Additional Features:

BSCView will be fully usable for traders who do not hold any $BSCVIEW tokens. However, the real power of BSCView will be with the premium features provided to token holders.

  • Token staking for governance participation sourced from platform success will be utilized to incentivize and innovate BSCView holders in a mutually beneficial way.

Partnership With Ferrum Network:

The strategic partnership between BSCPAD and Ferrum Network, a tried-and-true juggernaut in the IDO industry, continues to revolutionize DeFi as the partnership combines the BCSPad’s features with the capabilities that Ferrum Network has to offer giving BSCPad the leverage it needs to quickly become the leader for IDO launchpad and ecosystem development in the Binance Smart Chain ecosystem.

As Ferrum Network and BSCPad worked synergistically together, it was evident that there was more to pursue which ultimately led to a joint venture which led to creating a new Decentralized Exchange (DEX) tool which eventually turned into BSCVIEW.

When Will BSCVIEW Launch?

Further details will be forthcoming about this project as well as several others. Binance Smart Chain is exploding in popularity, and BSCPAD is positioned to quickly establish itself as a leader in the space. It is an incredibly busy time for us, but also an exciting one. We plan to hit the ground running, and BSCView will be an important first step on the journey.

Stay tuned for more announcements regarding the launch of BSCView, time and date will be announced shortly along with token holding tier details. HOLD FTW!




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