BSCPad x MoonSale Strategic Partnership: More IDOs, More Flexibility, More Opportunities

3 min readJan 26, 2023

At BSCPad, we pride ourselves on our extreme product selectivity — with our project managers selecting and delivering only the projects we feel have the best chance of achieving significant success.

By opting for a quality over quantity approach, BSCPad has delivered some of the most successful projects to our community in recent years. Indeed, BlueZilla launchpads have hosted five of the top 10 most profitable IDOs of the last two years — achieving an average peak ROI of 38,500% (385x).

By holding projects to extremely stringent and narrow selection criteria and strategically allocating resources to the projects with the most potential, BSCPad has managed to build an impressive track record of success.

But while this selectivity has proven beneficial to BSCPad community members, many of which saw a staggering return on their investments, it also led to hundreds of still-promising candidates being excluded from our launchpad. Because of this, we began to explore ways to unlock a greater array of opportunities for users and allow them to access projects that may prove fruitful.

With this in mind, we are pleased to announce that we’ll be forming a strategic partnership with MoonSale — a secure decentralized launchpad with customizable token launch.

As part of the arrangement, BSCPad will forward a range of promising projects to MoonSale, which will host and deliver their token sales to a fully autonomous and growing community. Though these projects don’t meet the stringent criteria for launching on BSCPad, many still have potential that savvy investors may be able to spot and benefit from.

What is MoonSale?

MoonSale is an upcoming decentralized launchpad that is focused on fair, transparent, and secure token launches.

Currently, supporting tokens on the BNB chain with future expectation to expand to multiple blockchains, MoonSale allows projects to easily create, customize, and deploy their own IDOs, and market-brand their project to a dual community.

The platform allows projects to easily create and launch their own token with just a few clicks. For featured projects, the team and token contract is fully audited by the MoonSale team, whereas those without a fully vetted team/contract will be flagged by the platform to add an additional layer of security for participants — and will be ineligible for a featured listing.

With support for more complex deflationary tokens and powerful branding tools, MoonSale ensures even the most ambitious projects can confidently deploy, launch, and distribute their tokens with minimal heavy lifting.

Projects that don’t quite meet the BSCPad criteria will have the opportunity to create their token launch, independeptly, via MoonSale. The platform will be seeded with a regular lineup of projects from which its community will be able to pick & choose (based on their due diligence) which projects they’d like to support by participating in their token sales.

Example projects might include meme coins, anything-to-earn projects, blockchain games, rebase tokens, DAOs, novel DeFi services, and a range of weird and wonderful projects not found anywhere else.

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