BSCPAD Calls on Bondly to Provide Branded NFTs

BSCPAD is happy to announce that we have entered into a strategic partnership with Bondly, the premier platform for digital collectibles. This agreement will see Bondly provide BSCPAD branded NFTs, as well as NFTs featuring projects utilizing our launchpad solution.

Our teams will also work together to integrate a redemption system into the launchpad UI that will allow for these NFTs to be redeemed for tokens, perks and other rewards.

Our team is always searching for innovative ways to provide value and opportunity for our users. We anticipate that the NFT market will continue to expand rapidly, and by partnering with Bondly we are ensuring that we will be at the cutting edge of this expansion.

About Bondly:

Bondly is powering the next generation of digital collectibles in collaboration with crypto projects, brands and artists. By offering a powerful and adaptable payment infrastructure, Bondly bridges the gap between the creators of NFTs and the people who collect them.







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