September has been an eventful month, as it is every year. Notoriously bloody, Bitcoin’s performance over the last few years has mostly been bearish during this month. Bitcoin dropped around $12,000 USD within 2 weeks, and the market followed suit. China FUD arose about banning Bitcoin (again), yet BSCPad still successfully incubated and launched 13 projects (8 external and 5 internal). BSCPad created a green bubble in a sea of red, making its own bull market.

Here is a recap of the internal projects launched in September 2021 by BSCPad:

The performance of the tokens incubated by BlueZilla speak for themselves, 5 projects all around 100X from IDO price. The BSCPad team boasts over 65 incubated projects launched this year, unrivaled marketing and some of the fastest customer support in the crypto-sphere. BlueZilla is a name that every crypto-trader should know, if they don’t already. BSCPad isn’t our only launchpad, so check out the bottom of the article for more info if you are interested in investing with a winning team.


BSCPad is continually vetting and incubating successful projects, and October isn’t looking any different. Stay tuned to official channels as we progress through the month for more projects!

‘HappyFans’ is launching October 13th on BSCPad+ETHPad+KCCPad:



▪️Telegram Announcements:


AstroSwap’ is launching exclusively on ADAPad, with a private pool allocation for BSCPad Blue Diamond members on October 7th:


▪️TG Ann:




If you have a project you’d like to see incubated, apply using the BlueZilla Incubation Form, visit us at BlueZilla or reach us on Twitter.

Stay tuned, this article will be updated as more are announced!

Interested in investing?

Take a look at the HALF-DOZEN launchpads we offer below, and join us in the 100X club! Each launchpad has its own unique benefits, and each launchpad offers different tiers to fit any trading level!







Participation eligibility can be completed in 3 steps.

  1. Choose a Launchpad you wish to participate on, we have 6 to choose from.

-certain IDOs are only available on select launchpads

-each platform has its own benefits to investors, we cannot provide recommendations

2. Complete the KYC requirement at least 24–48 hours before IDO is set to open (check out the guides below)

3. Stake the minimum tokens required to achieve a tier by the announced deadline, and complete additional tasks if required (whitelist, social tasks)

Still need more info? Please take a look at our official telegram channels below for more information. Use the search function to find specifically what you are looking for!




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