Binance Smart Chain Launch Pad — BSCPAD

6 min readFeb 16, 2021


BSCPAD is the first launch pad dedicated to launching projects on the Binance Smart Chain.

BSCPAD is a platform that grants holders of our token exclusive access to pre-sales of projects selected for our launchpad.

Binance Smart Chain benefits and growth

The Binance Smart Chain is currently seeing transaction volume per day higher than Ethereum! Ethereum is performing approximately 1,200,000 transactions per day whereas the Binance Smart Chain is performing over 1,660,000 transactions per day, up from only 300,000 in early January.

The total value locked on BSC has increased from 1.3B USD to 5.7B USD in under 10 days.

On top of that a BSC transaction costs only about $0.01 and will confirm in 3 seconds, compared to Ethereum that could be upwards of $150 and 3+ minutes! This means for someone investing $300 into a project you would need to see a 100% positive change in price (2x) just to break even if you are trading Ethereum, compared to 1–2% on BSC to be profitable!

An experienced and trusted team

BSCPAD has been developed and put together by the team behind DeFi Prophets, and through our existing network of contacts, launch experience and the contacts of our new venture capital partners we have secured exclusive access to projects looking for assistance launching that will propel them to the next level.

The team behind DeFi Prophets has a successful track record of launching projects into the tens of millions in market cap and daily volume, on top of that they have a reputation for locking liquidity and ensuring safe launches for their projects.

The BSCPAD team consists of solidity (smart contract developers), web3, frontend and backend developers in the team, along with financial trading analysts, business leaders and digital marketing experts. We also have an extended network of industry experts and leaders tightly knitted into our new team.

The problem with BSC we’re aiming to solve

Right now we are seeing projects launching on BSC that are pulling liquidity “rugging” and we are looking to bring our history of safe launches to the BSC space to give investors a trusted place to invest their capital. BSC is an amazing chain to operate a project on with the super low fees, fast confirmations, and a Bridge to Ethereum, we want to help expand this space and ensure projects launching there are launched properly and safely.

Projects incoming

Without giving a way a lot right now we have some new and exciting projects ready for funding on BSCPAD along with several new projects currently completing their white papers and technical specs that will be ready to seek funding in the near future. We are also opening the invitation for anyone interested in launching on BSC to contact us and we would be happy to open a dialogue to discuss a collaboration.

Have a project you want to launch on BSCPAD?

We are accepting applications for BSC IDOs on our platform, please contact us here: Even if you don’t have a dev team or resources, we would be interested to discuss your ideas and work together on an incubation project.

The $BSCPAD token

To operate the launch pad, offer staking rewards, competitions and marketing we are launching a $BSCPAD BEP20 token, as mentioned above users will need to hold this token to be eligible to participate in IDO OTC funding campaigns, but this token is also a reward token where we will be rewarding holders for being a part of the community.

$BSCPAD funding is split into 3 rounds. A Seed round, a Private round and a Public round. The seed round has already been filled allowing us the development and marketing budget to take us to a launching point.

The Private round opens today (Tuesday) at 2PM UTC, this round is strictly limited to industry experts and leaders that are able to offer benefits to our launch pad and the projects launching.

The Public round is open for anyone that completes the white list tasks and submits the verification to the white list form. The white list opens today (Tuesday) at 2PM UTC, the white list will close Monday the 22nd.

We will validate the white list and open the sales to the valid white list submissions on Wednesday the 24th.

The maximum funding amount per wallet in the Public round is capped at $1,000 BUSD. Check the FAQ below on how to participate in BUSD.


  • Seed 5%
  • Private 10%
  • Public 15%
  • Liquidity 15%
  • Team 10%
  • Advisors 5%
  • Marketing 15%
  • Reserve 10%
  • Staking, referrals and rewards 15%

Token pricing and vesting

  • Seed sale price: $0.0125 BUSD
    Total of $110,000 BUSD
    Vested 4 months total. 10% at listing and 22.5% per month thereafter.
  • Private (industry experts and leaders) sale price: $0.015 BUSD
    Total of $263,000 BUSD
    Vested 4 months total. 10% at listing and 22.5% per month thereafter.
  • Public (by whitelist) sale price: $0.02 BUSD 15%
    Total of $527,000 BUSD
    Vested 2 months total. 10% on listing and 22.5% every 2 weeks for 8 weeks.
  • PancakeSwap listing price: $0.022 USD

Total raise: $900,000 BUSD

Total supply: 175,600,000

Initial circulating supply: 8,868,000

Initial circulating market cap: $311,000 BUSD

Team and advisor tokens are locked for 3 months and unlocked at 25% quarterly.

Marketing 20% unlocked before listing and then 6.67% monthly over 12 months.

Are you an industry expert or industry leader?

We have a private allocation for you! Please contact us on this form to discuss.

Join the white list for access to the Public Sale!

Joining the white list will allow you to have a chance of buying into the Public funding round on Friday the 26th.

To join the white list you need to share this tweet:

You need to comment in our Telegram:

And then send us the link to your Tweet, your TG username, and your wallet address on this form:

Wednesday the 24th we will share the list of people who are eligible and contact you about how to participate in the public sale.

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Q) How do I setup a BSC Wallet in Meta Mask
Please read this tutorial for a full guide on how to properly setup your MetaMask wallet to BSC Mainnet here.

Q) What is BUSD?
$BUSD is USD-denominated stablecoin built for the binance ecosystem and backed by the U.S. dollar.

Q) How do I convert ETH or USDT to BUSD?
$BUSD can be purchased from Binance’s website here. An alternative is to trade on with your currency of choice to BUSD (MAKE SURE YOU USE THE PROPER WALLETS FOR THE EXCHANGE) For more information on how to use simpleswap please watch this tutorial here.

Q) What is the Uniswap of BSC?
Pancake Swap! It’s the same familiar feeling as Uniswap, but with more blue and pancakes!

Sales restriction

Participants from the following countries are not allowed to participate in the IDO: “US person”, Canada, South Korea, Singapore, and China. This prohibition applies to all types of people (moral, physical, agent, etc.) and to any indirect participation (via a proxy, a name loan, etc.). By participating in the IDO, the purchaser guarantees that he meets the restrictions.