Welcome to Atlantis Metaverse, a #Metaverse Gaming project based on Greek Mythology, a #fantasy universe along with turn-based RPG mechanism.

IDO Date: Wednesday, December 8th

Staking Eligibility Cutoff: Wednesday, December 8th, 5 AM UTC

Public Sale Token Price: $0.12

Allocation Round Opens: Wednesday, December 8th, 8 AM UTC

  • #BSCPAD FCFS Round: Wednesday, December 8th, 1 PM UTC
  • #GameZone: Wednesday, December 8th, 1.10 PM UTC

Pancakeswap listing: Wednesday, December 8th, 3 PM UTC

Maximum Token Supply: 200,000,000

Public Sale: Wednesday, December 8th

  • #BSCPad: 1,250,000 TAU
  • #GameZone: 1,250,000 TAU

Circulating Supply at Listing: 13,706,250

Market Capitalization at Listing: $444,750

Public Sale Vesting Schedule: 25% at TGE + unlock 25% monthly

About Atlantis Metaverse

The Atlantis Metaverse was born with a mission to create an open Metaverse, Atlantis is more than just a fantasy-themed strategy game with a deep setting and storyline. Atlantis also aims to become a decentralized society, where users are the builders of that society.

What problems does it solve?
1. The ownership problem

2. The administration problem

3. NFT game, the “Play to Earn” trend, and their problems

Facing these problems, NFT games were born. Since then, the Play To Earn trend has also become popular with the appearance of a series of hit NFT games led by Axie Infinity. With the outbreak of the Covid pandemic that has not yet ended, people around the world have been severely impacted in terms of jobs and mobility. A lot of people have to stay at home, lose their jobs, and more, making the Play to Earn trend grow stronger.

Play To Earn offers an opportunity to earn money from playing games, but also significantly changes the gaming needs of gamers. With traditional game types, gamers participate in gaming with the main motivation being entertainment.

With Play To Earn games, players participate with the main motive of making money. This dramatic change can lead to the rapid collapse of game companies that focus too much on the Play To Earn trend and ignore the core values ​​of a game ecosystem.

To completely solve this problem. The Atlantis Universe was conceived with a mission to create an open Metaverse, where netizens not only play games to earn money, but also freely create values ​​to serve the needs of the inhabitants of the Atlantis universe:

  • Continually updating and creating games and values in our ecosystem to bring fresh experience to players and attract more beginners and retain existing gamers.
  • Focusing on taking advantage ads as soon as there are players to create surplus values for The Atlantis Universe’s gaming economy.
  • Developing and cooperating with partners that provide open solutions that users can use to create valuable products and assets, serving the diverse needs of the inhabitants of the Atlantis universe.
  • Building an optimal anti-inflation mechanism so that the token always retains its value.
  • Developing the brand and moving towards franchising.
  • Seriously organizing tournaments and events to attract players.

How Does Atlantis Metaverse Fit in the Current Ecosystem?

​​Atlantis Metaverse is not just a fantasy themed strategy game project and has a normal story. Atlantis Metaverse aims to create a decentralized society which is built by the users.

As a Play-to-earn model and with the combination of NFT ethos, Atlantis users can both play games and earn a steady income through DeFi integration.


  • Seed: 5% (10,000,000 TAU). Unlock 10% at TGE + 20%/quarter
  • Private Sale: 9.7% (18,625,000 TAU). Unlock 10% at TGE + 20%/quarter.
  • Public Sale: 1.3% (3,375,000TAU). Unlock 25% at TGE + 25% monthly
  • Liquidity: 5% (10,000,000 TAU).
  • Marketing/Ecosystem: 15% (30,000,000 TAU). Unlock 5% at TGE. Unlock 20% every 3 months after TGE..
  • Advisor: 5% (10,000,000 TAU). Lock 1 year + Unlock 10%/month
  • Partner: 9% (18,000,000 TAU). Lock 1 year + Unlock 10%/month
  • DEV: 15% (30,000,000 TAU). Lock 1 year + Unlock 10%/month
  • Reserve: 35% (70,000,000 TAU). Unlock 7%/year

Token Utility

The TAU Token:

Token TAU is a governance token in the Atlantis universe, mainly for paying service fees such as buying and selling. To participate in the management of the ecosystem, users can participate in our Staking features for the purpose of building autonomous autonomous organizations (DAOs).

The AUM Token: The payment token, used as a medium of exchange in the Atlantis universe.

AUM tokens are only mined from user activities in the Atlantis universe. In order to control inflation, the issuance of AUM will be fed into a complex algorithm to ensure the creation of a reasonable supply to promote sustainable development in the Atlantis universe. The issuance of AUMs will depend more on the following factors:

  • The number of users
  • User skills
  • The exchange rate of AUM/stablecoin pairs
  • The AUM value burned through user expenses from activities in the Atlantis universe
  • The total value of AUM staked (including Auto Staking and Manual Staking)
  • The total surplus value from cooperation with other economies

The supply rebalancing will be done once a month to ensure the sustainable development of the Atlantis universe.

3. Players can earn AUM through:

  • PvE rewards
  • The production and sale of weapons and equipment
  • The production and sale of items
  • NFT item commerce
  • AUM Staking



  • Concept and Development ideas
  • Researching the game, the metaverse and plans with long-term vision
  • Building foundational architecture
  • Building the gameplay and graphic style


  • Seed Funding
  • Community Growth
  • Marketing campaignPrivate Sale
  • IDO
  • Listing on DEX
  • Selling the 1st NFT Demi-Gods genesis
  • Launching our own marketplace
  • Staking platform launch
  • $TAU Lottery event
  • Release super rare NFT Demi-Gods: Leader
  • All Leader Demi-Gods have more stats than normal Demi-Gods and have a unique passive for buff power of player team
  • Release other NFT Demi Gods genesis
  • Open Breeding System


  • Open PVE system — Daily Quest
  • Users can take requests from tavern as a daily quest and do it for rewards.
  • Launch Raid Boss System — End Year Events
  • All players need to defeat one Big Boss to get rewards. Higher damage ranking has higher rewards.
  • Release in-game Token: AUM Token
  • Launch Other Marketplace
  • Open Craft System
  • Users can craft items with any material taken from daily quests and events.
  • Update Marketplace to sell items
  • Open PvP System
  • Launch PvP Arena:

+ Players can find opponents with the same Rank tier by the matching system.

+ Top 10 Arena players can earn rewards each day.


  • Launch Dungeon (2nd PvE system) — Spring Event
  • Hardest PvE Challenge in-game. Harder Challenge — Higher Rewards
  • E-sport Tournament
  • Open Land System (Buy and sell new Land) + 1st land is Wankada (a new resource)
  • Open 2nd Jobs System and sell NFT characters + Demi-gods now have 2nd Jobs to farming in Land
  • Release 1st World War event + Players who reach the top 10 in this event can get a Land or Land’s resource.


  • Open Pet System and sell NFT genesis pet

+ Pets have a unique passive to make farming resources in Land faster.

+ Pet have unique passive to buff team power

  • Launch Pet breeding and evolutions
  • Open Guild System

+ All guild has passive to buff member power

+ Limit Member for each Guild Level

  • Release 2nd World War event — Guild War Tournament


  • Design and Develop 2nd World
  • Release 3rd World War event — Ragnarok Event


  • OPEN 2nd WORLD
  • Universes connection for entertainment

2024: Virtual Reality technology integration

2025: DAOs development

Atlantis Universe Official Socials

Website | Telegram Channel | Facebook | Twitter | Medium

Please note: in order to participate in the IDO, users are required to follow the corresponding KYC guides below.


GameZone: KYC GUIDE.




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