8PAY ($8PAY) — A Multichain Payment Platform for Every Occasion

4 min readMar 30, 2021

Snapshot #1:
Thursday 1st April 2pm UTC

Snapshot #2:
Monday 5th April 5am UTC

PancakeSwap Listing:
Monday 5th April 4pm UTC

Public Sale Token Price:
0.07 BUSD

IDO Allocation:
Monday April 5th, 8 AM UTC

Monday April 5th, 1 PM UTC

✅ Allocation Round Start:

✅ FCFS Public Sale Start:

Maximum Token Supply:
88,888,888 $8PAY

Tokens Available in BSCPAD Public Sale:
8,888,888 $8PAY

Circulating Supply at Listing:
6,444,444 $8PAY

Market Capitalization at Listing:
$451,111 USD

Public Sale Vesting Schedule:
25% unlock at TGE, then 25% monthly

KYC Required: Yes, read full details about the KYC process here https://bscpad.medium.com/bscpad-kyc-process-16e6a5557138

About the project:

Introducing the world’s first multichain fully decentralized payment platform for every occasion: 8Pay. 8Pay will deliver effortless crypto payments, opening up a world of possibilities. Single, subscription and on demand options are all integrated into a clean and easy to use mobile application. The platform will launch on Binance Smart Chain, before rapidly expanding to all major blockchains to become a universal product.

Digital payments currently face several hurdles, many of which can be overcome by blockchain and cryptocurrency. 8Pay will address the limitations of existing solutions with the following features:

8Pay will empower users by allowing them to:

  • Interact with 8Pay using a web app and mobile app, both designed with simplicity, efficiency, and capability in mind.
  • Enjoy fast transaction speeds and low fees, powered by Binance Smart Chain.
  • Make payments with BNB as well as BEP-20 tokens and stablecoins
  • Lock $8PAY tokens to receive a share of protocol fees.
  • Send a single payment or set up recurring payments
  • Request payments from other users

8Pay will empower merchants and entrepreneurs by allowing them to:

  • Request and manage payments directly within the app
  • Generate payment request links that can be shared directly or embedded into webpages
  • Utilize advanced features via the 8Pay API that can be integrated into custom interfaces
  • Monetize their services and content without fear of being ‘cancelled’ or having funds frozen

The applications 8Pay are nearly limitless. In many ways, the uses of the platform are only limited by the creativity of its users. We are excited to deliver a powerful product and see how people put it to use. Check out the 8Pay Binance Smart Chain demo here:


You can also check out our extensive documentation here:


Learn More Here:

Why we chose 8PAY:

The digital payment industry is expanding rapidly. Cryptocurrency is the natural evolution of digital payments, due to instant settlement and the removal of third party custodians. The thing about payments is that they are everywhere: content subscriptions, cross border remittances, online marketplaces, and so many more. When you really stop to think about how many you send or receive in a month, you start to understand their importance.

Nowhere is the power of borderless and uncensorable payments more apparent than in cryptocurrency. Right now, you can send money to anybody anywhere who has a crypto wallet. In many ways, crypto users have just become used to this idea — but sending money as easily as you send an email was (and still is) truly revolutionary. The problem with this technology so far is that it is complicated, and hard for the average person to start using.

Companies who streamline cryptocurrency into familiar looking and ‘feeling’ applications will be major beneficiaries of the coming wave of crypto adoption. 8Pay’s team is showing that they are contenders in the digital payment space. They have a working demo, a mobile app nearing completion, and a clear development plan for the future. We are proud to be their exclusive launch partner, and we are confident that their platform will be a success.

Whitelist Requirements for Bronze and Silver Members:

1. Join the #8PAY Telegram: https://t.me/official_8pay

2. Follow #8PAY on Twitter: https://twitter.com/8Pay_network

3. Follow #BSCPAD on Twitter: https://twitter.com/BSCPad

4. Create a tweet on your twitter account with #BSCPAD & #8PAY hashtags and share the link in the whitelist.

5. Follow the steps inside the white list form: https://bscpad.wufoo.com/forms/zh64wvh1pslhnc/

1. Add your #BSC compatible wallet address

2. Provide your telegram handle

3. Copy and paste the link to your tweet with #BSCPAD & #8PAY tags in it. (Create the tweet on your own Twitter account, don’t comment on one of our posts)

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KYC Required:
Yes, read full details about the KYC process here https://bscpad.medium.com/bscpad-kyc-process-16e6a5557138

Restricted Region List:
Belarus, Cuba, Iran, Syria, Democratic People’s Republic of Korea, Russia, Sudan, Burma, Côte d’Ivoire, Congo, Eritrea, Iraq, Lebanon, Liberia, Libya, Venezuela, Somalia, Thailand and the United States of America